Achilles' Heel Podcast Appearance Talking About Student Loans

I was as guest on my friend Alex Hooper’s Achilles’ Heel Podcast. You can listen to my episode here.

We talked about student loans, in particular my own debt.

Alex is a talented comedian and actor — best known for his roasting ability and an insane America’s Got Talent appearance — who I’ve known for almost ten years. We’ve worked together a handful of times over the years.

He asked me to talk about my greatest weakness or the thing that drags me down the most, which is what his show is about. Here’s how he describes his podcast:

Alex Hooper interviews creative humans on the struggles that have shaped their lives. Everyone has something to hide. Achilles' Heel features open and honest conversations about some of the darkest parts of life. On this podcast Alex shines light on those who have overcome challenges, all while adding his signature style of quirky, positivity.

If you want to hear about my perspective on staying sane with student debt or what I’d tell potential film school students right now, take a listen.

It was a fun interview, and we shared some perspectives that were impossible to get access to when I was leaving college.